TMA8J Multitasking mill turn center with both complex milling and turning operations in a single setup for better accuracy.
  • Complete machining performed by single machine.
  • Productive type complex machine combining a high speed, high precision turning center and powerful machining center.
  • Tool spindle with standard Y-axis control and B-axis indexing.
  • Automatic tool changer for unrestricted number of tools.
  • Right angle slide construction assures high accuracy complex machining and free-chip-flow from the tool spindle.
  • Back work spindle (standard) achieves 6-face machining.
  • Ideal machine for wide variety products in small quantities of complicatedshape parts.
  • By process integration, reduces the number of operators and machines and shortens the lead time.
Standard Specification TMA 8J
Linear Scale -
Chuck size of main work spindle 8”
Chuck size of back work spindle 6”
Main work spindle speed 5,000 min-1
Back work spindle speed 5,000 min-1
B-axis index angle -15°~195°
B-axis least index angle 0.001° (positioning)
B-axis index angle by coupling
Tool storage capacity 30
Width x Depth x Height 3,700 x 2,126 x 2,250 mm
Weight 8,500 Kg.
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