G18-Ⅱ CNC cylinderical grinding machine.
  • CNC cylinderical grinding machine for shaft type components.
  • Wheel O.D. 355mm max. width 50mm.
  • Suitable for mass production of components.
  • Autoloading systems can be integrated with the machine optionally, including workstockers and robots.
  • Three variant – Straight Wheel head ( SB ) , angular wheeel head ( AB ) and twin head ( FB ).
  • Maimum workpiece diameter upto 50 mm and length upto 250 mm.
Standard Specification G 18- II
Swing (diameter) 180 mm
Distance between centers 250 mm
Grinding wheel ODxMax width 355x50 mm
Surface speed 2,700m/min
Rapid traverse rate (X/Z) 8/16m/min
Wheel spindle motor 2.2 kW
Width x Depth 1,460 x 2,085
Weight 2,000 Kg.
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