G300 / G350 CNC cylinderical grinding machine for medium size shaft type components.
Tsugami's high precision & high rigidity hydrodynamic bearing for the wheel spindle ensure steady grinding accuracy.
  • V-Flat guide ways of the slide assure accurate, consistent and smooth movement.
  • Optimum not only for precision grinding but also heavy duty grinding.
  • G300: Max. wheel dia φ510.
  • wheel spindle motor: standard 11 kW.
  • Automated systems can be interfaced optionally.
  • Grinding pattern input software is included as a standard along with the machine.
Standard Specification G300-350
Distance between centers 500 mm
Swing (Diameter) 300 mm
Grinding wheel O.Dx Max.width S:405 x 75, A:510 x 100
Surface speed 2,700m/ min
Rapid traverse rate X axis 16m/min, Z axis 20m/min
Headstock standard type Dead / live changeover type
Dimension of center (headstock) MT No.4
Max. travel (tailstock) 200mm (Amount of manual center distance adjusting), 40mm (Hydraulic)
Dimension of center (tailstock) MT.No.4
Wheel spindle motor 7.5 kW
Work spindle motor 1.6 kW
Width x Depth 2,825 x 3,740
Weight 5,000 Kg.
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