Pre-Sales Service
  • Application Engineering
  • Component Prove Out
  • Automation Proposals
Application Engineering Tsugami Precision application engineers are available to support customers / manufacturers to design and develop the best machining process for their component and part. Tsugami Precision possesses extensive experience in process development, tooling, fixturing and programming of Tsugami Precision machines. Our application engineers are specially trained and qualified to assist our customers to utilize our technology to its maximum advantage and benefit. While every machining application presents its own challenges, the manufacturing objectives are nearly always the same: To develop a machining process that improves part quality while reducing production time and production cost. As a leader in the development of high precision machining technologies, Tsugami application engineers possess unique know-how that permits so many customers all over the world to achieve these objectives.
Component Prove Out Tsugami precision is specially qualified to be your single source for developing the most effective solution with component quality and fast cycle times and machine automation.
Automation Proposal

Tsugami Precision provides multiple benefits to customers with our specialized automation options to reduce labour and part load/unload times.

As a single source, Tsugami Precision provides fast resolution of engineering issues. As a company with extensive process know-how and long operational experience, we deliver the best solution to customers without any compromises.

Integration Services integrates Tsugami machines into a customer's manufacturing environment. The integration includes services such as automated material load/unload, customizing machine operations etc. We provide full automation engineering services, including bar feeder, conveyor designs, and third-party technical management.

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